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How Andhra Fisherfolk Netted Gains From Inland Fisheries

A growing population and increased fish consumption have put a burden on the seas, with catch from the oceans dropping by the year. Inland aquaculture, or fish farming, is one potential way to meet this demand and ease the pressure on the oceans. Several farmers and entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this and it is becoming a large and profitable industry.

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Employing Thousands Landless Farmers,This man Revolutionized Inland Fishery

Ever wondered how the smoking fish tikka ended up on your plate? The story is not limited to a kitchen and some condiments; it intricately laces the sweat, dreams and aspirations of hundreds of men and women whose lives depend on how much you enjoy your fish delicacy. And if you do, you ought to be thanking Neelkanth Mishra, the man who single-handedly pioneered a revolutionary change in the inland fisheries industry of India, generating ample employment opportunities for thousands of landless farmers and labourers..

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Source:The Logical Indian