Become A Volunteer

Jaljeevika pledge to contribute a minimum of six months to maximum one-year period to contribute as a volunteer. Such association will bring experience, resources, and professional networks to collaborate with social enterprise. Are you passionate about learning dynamics of a social issue, Do you want to effect real and bring positive change in the life of underprivileged? Do you want to experience practical aspects of community institution-building process, use of IT and social media for organisations growth? To learn more about opportunities with the Jaljeevika Get in Touch with us.

Your effort and skills are valuable to society. There are many ways for a volunteer to create social good. Volunteering is always an opportunity to explore the inherent potential in us, like empathy, compassion and value in selfless service. The volunteering opportunities range from office work to social media campaign raising, documentation, design and video creation, fundraising, etc.

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